"When I grow up, I want to be an Author and Illustrator like you. Your pictures were really good."
- Megan

"I really liked learning something new."
- Brandon

"You taught us a lot about the water cycle in a fun way, and my favorite part was you reading the book, it was so great."
- Hannah

"...we had a lot of fun but the best part was making the story and getting to hear your book..."
- Mitchell

"I really like how you let us write our own story. It was great fun. I wish you could come again."
- Jessica

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Our Nation wide U.S. Tour is going
right by your school next year. Don't miss out!
Here's what you get in a "Drippy visit":
A fun, educational reading of a Drippy adventure, by Mr. Water Cycle himself, using an oversized book so all can see.
Drippy the Raindrop appears, in person, and walks the students through his HUGE Water Cycle map.
Joel and Drippy help students create their own Water Cycle story.
Free signed bookmarks given to all students and staff.
Joel will sell signed Drippy items.
Finally, the coloring page masters, both signed books, the audio CD, and the "Where did Drippy go?" maps will all be left at your school.
We have schools all over the U. S. of A. signing up for our Drippy Tour,
so your school is probably on the way. Get more information today,

the cost is affordable for either a full or half day visit for your school.
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